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TigerWeb normally displays this error if there is a problem with your TigerID or password.
(Also, part-time campus employees will see this message if their contract has expired.)

If none of the information below helps, we encourage you to submit a Tech Support Help Request.


These are the most common problems that cause this error:

  1. Did you use any special characters (such as *) in your password? The TigerID Wizard sometimes allows incorrect passwords to be created, but TigerWeb will then reject those passwords.

     Make sure your password meets all these requirements:

       •  You may use 8 to 16 characters.
       •  You should include all three of these:
              · lowercase letter
              · uppercase letter
              · number

       •  It isn't required, but you may also use certain special characters;
             however, DO NOT use any of these: ( ) * ! # \ $ _- . @ & %
       •  Do not use any part of your name or your birth date in your password.

  2. Make sure you are logging in with your correct TigerID (not your A-number). For example, if you requested an official change of your name in our records, your TigerID may have been recently changed to match. You can look up  your TigerID by using the Tiger ID Wizard on the TigerWeb login page.
  3. Be sure to type all information into the login box. Copying it in or using "autofill" can sometimes add hidden characters.
  4. You can try another browser or clear your cache on the browser you're using. Computers sometimes "remember" previous old or incorrect entries. To bring up the "clear cache" menu on most browsers, press Ctrl-Shift-Delete at the same time. Here is a link to a pdf with complete instructions: How to Clear Your Browser Cache.
  5. If you think you may have gotten locked out after too many attempts, please try again in 30 minutes.


Step-by-step instructions to reset your TigerID password:
  1. Go to TigerWeb at, then look beneath the TigerWeb log-in box for the big heading TigerID Wizard.
  2. Type your A-number in the box (including the A and all eight numbers), press “Click Here to Proceed,” and it should show you your assigned TigerID username. (Your TigerID normally includes your last name and may also contain a number.)
  3. Enter just the last 4 digits of your Social Security number.
  4. Enter your birthdate in the format mm/dd/yyyy, including the slashes. (Example: 03/11/2001)
  5. Enter your new password twice. (Do not copy and paste -- type it in each time.)
    When setting up your own password:
     •   You may use 8 to 16 characters .
     •   You should include all three of these: 
            lowercase letter, uppercase letter, number
     •   It is NOT required, but you may also use certain special characters;
            however, DO NOT use any of these:   ( ) * ! # \ $ @ - _ . & %
     •   Do not use any part of your name or birthdate in your password.
If you still have trouble, try resetting your password to Tiger1234 . If that simple password works, that means that there was something about your chosen password that didn't meet the requirements. Please review the password rules above very carefully and try again to set up your own private password. (For security reasons, do NOT leave it as Tiger1234.)
If the system won't let you set up our suggested simple password and you're sure you entered your birthdate and Social Security number correctly, please contact Student Tech Support at 423-697-5595, since that could mean there's a mistake in our records.
After you're successful in creating a password, make sure you can log in to TigerWeb with your TigerID (NOT A-number) and your new password.
This will reset your password for TigerWeb, eLearn, TigerMail, the library, Chatt-State wifi, and most campus computers. 
NOTE: It may take up to 30 minutes for your TigerMail account to receive the new password.

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