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If you are a current campus employee and are on your office computer, you can change your campus password (for your computer, TigerWeb, eLearn, etc.) by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Delete (all three keys at the same time) and then select Change a password.

You can also call the Help Desk at 423-697-3375 to have your password reset.

Here are the complete updated requirements to follow when setting up your own password:
   •  You may use 8 to 16 characters.
  • Your password cannot be one you've used before for your campus account
   •  You should include all three of these:
            · lowercase letter
            · uppercase letter
            · number
   •  It isn't required, but if you wish, you may also use certain special characters ;
         however, DO NOT use any of these:   ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _- .
   •  Please do not use any part of your name in your password.

   •  Your new password should not be the same as any previous password you've used here.

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  1. The link to reset password is missing from the ID and Number lookup page.
    by RJ on Aug 14, 2023
  2. Hi RJ, This article is no longer accurate, the new way to reset your password for the time being is call the Help Desk at 423-697-3375 to get your password reset. Thanks!
    by Andrew James Catalano on Aug 15, 2023

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