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What to do if you don’t see your eLearn course sites for this semester:

1. Has the semester started? Course sites will not appear until the first day of the semester.

2. Check your schedule in TigerWeb Self-Service to see...
     a)  if you are still enrolled and
     b)  if your class has started yet. (Is it a regular semester class or a Flex schedule class?)

3. Does your course have an R50 or R01 section number? (for example, ENGL‐1010‐R50 ). If so, it is a TN eCampus online course, and you will go to to log in. For more about TN eCampus courses, go to our TNEC information page.

4. If all else fails, call the Chatt State eLearn Help Desk at 1‐423‐697‐2592 or 1‐800-207‐8202 during regular business hours, or email for eLearn help after regular business hours.

More information can be found at the eLearn guide:

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  1. If you can not access elearn through tiger web, you can also access it on the homepage next to the tiger paw instead, click the dropbox labeled "MyChattState," then find elearn. Personally, my tiger web is a little finicky, but this works whenever it's acting up.
    by Mary on Dec 30, 2021

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